Boosting Your Listing in AirBnB Search

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Airbnbs’ approach when it comes to how it determines search results is as follows:

We want to reward hosts that deliver a great experience to guests

So in their own words, Airbnb is telling us that it favors listings who have responsible, attentive hosts behind them. Search ranking is a complex process that takes into consideration various factors. But if you follow this principle and use it through out the entire hosting process, from the way you create your listing to how you look after your guests, you should out perform other listings in your area. Here is a list of things you need to be doing to your listing in order to thrive in Airbnb search results:


Don’t be a stranger. Build trust in your potential guests by verifying and completing your profile. They need to now that there is a real, responsible person on the other side of that computer that is eager to receive them.


Make sure EVERY section of your listing is complete. Thrive to create an appealing, accurate listing. The more information you provide, the higher the chance of being picked up by the search engine. The more clicks your listing gets, the better it will perform.


Good pictures will enhance the perceived value of your space. Take advantage of Airbnbs professional photography service. It’s free for most listings and adds an extra layer of verification. Make sure you stage your space prior to the photo shoot.


Airbnb measures your response rate and makes it public to your visitors. They reward hosts who respond within an hour every time with a 100% response rate. But I recommend responding immediately. Many users book with hosts who respond first. Download app to your smart phone and set up alerts.


Make sure that your calendar is up to date. Block any unavailable dates to avoid unnecessary inquiries and double bookings.


Make sure you maintain competitive pricing to similar listings in your area and adjust it seasonally. Start off with a low price and as you get a few bookings and good reviews you can begin to raise.


Airbnb really frowns upon it. You only get to cancel 1 reservation a year without being penalized. Penalties range from $50-$100 depending on their frequency. In addition, any cancellation you make will pop up in your reviews, which can drastically affect your bookings.


Remember Airbnb measures your acceptance rate and makes it visible to visitors. This doesn’t mean you have to accept every inquiry that comes your way. But for those inquiries where a booking isn’t possible, its best to decline not just send a message.


Reviews are the lifeline of your listing. Your visitors are looking at them and basing their decision on what your previous guests say about the space. It is essential that you take measures to ensure your guests are happy and satisfied with their stay. Click here to learn more on how to get a 5 star review.

The goal is to convert listing visitors into paying guests. To do this you need to provide a great guest experience before, during, and after their stay.

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