4 Ways to Make Extra Cash from Your Airbnb Listing


Renting out your apartment on AirBnB can be very profitable. But if you really want to go the extra mile and completely monetize the process, here are a few tips.


Buy a pair of bikes and rent them out to your guests per day. It’s a great way for them to get around and experience the city from an insider’s perspective.


Create welcome packages including a six pack of local beer and some breakfast items like; bread, eggs, ham, cheese, jelly and some OJ. When your guests book your listing, email them a confirmation message and ask if they would be interested in purchasing the basket.


If you or your friend have a car, ask your guests if they would be interested in airport transportation for a fee. Or contact a car service company and try to work out a deal.


Affiliate programs are programs where people get paid for referring business to company’s website. Many tourist attractions have affiliate programs.

In my case I had 4 listings that generated a total of 16 guests a week. I rented each bike for $10 a person day, sold my gift baskets for $40 apiece and arranged to get paid $10 for every trip to the airport I referred to my local car service. I truly treated my Airbnb listing like a business. Not every guest would purchase a service but when they did, I made a little extra money. To your hosting success.

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